Comparison Canon pgi-250 vs Canon pgi-250XL ink cartridges

What are the differences Canon pgi-250 vs Canon pgi-250 xl

Both the Canon pgi-250 and pgi-250 xl fit same model printers. So, there is no need to change the printer whilst changing the ink tank. There is a huge difference in the page yield. The page yield of pgi-250 is normal but pgi-250 xl has high page yield. This certainly means you save money with the 250XL since the per-page print cost is much less.

Canon PGI 250BK (Black) page yield = 300 printed pages

Canon PGI 250XLBK (Black) page yield = 500 printed pages

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This page only compares Black to see the color cartridges for your printer compared please click here (cli-251 vs cli251xl)

Also another obvious difference is the price, Canon pgi-250 xl is a bit costlier than the pgi 250. Canon 250-pgi 250 is a beautiful replacement for ink in the printer. It can produce professional quality print outs back to back. It has ChromaLife 100 plus system which provides long-lasting photos. The quality of the print outs is crisp and smudge-free. The technology used in the ink tank is Full Photolithographic Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE).

On the other hand, Canon pgi-250 xl uses black pigment ink that gives rich and smudge-free text. The most advantageous part is it has a smart LED which lets you know that the ink has been properly installed. Always remember you will see little if no differences by using compatible inks.

Following are the printers that are compatible with both Canon pgi-250 and pgi-250 xl: iP7220, iP7250, iP8720, iP8750, iX6820, iX6850, MG5420, MG5422, MG5450, MG5520, MG5522, MG5550, MG5620, MG6320 etc.  For any further spec info please visit canon.