TN720 vs TN750 (high yield) vs TN780 (super high yield) brother

The difference is the amount of toner in each laser cartridge – TN750 has more than TN720, TN780 is a little different.

Brother TN720 standard yield toner– capacity is 3000 printed pages at 5% coverage.

Compatible TN750 high yield toner– capacity is 8000 printed pages at 5% coverage.

More about brother toner tn720/750

Printer companies love doing this, sell a standard cartridge which prints a reasonable amount of pages (tn720) and then offer a high yield toner (tn750) for a higher price that prints over double the amount of pages. Most people keep buying the standard one as it’s cheaper but they loose in the end as even though the TN750 costs more over all it works out much cheaper.

You can beat the printer companies at there game buy using compatible TN750 toner cartridges, you won’t notice the difference except for saving usually over 50% on purchase price. We use Combo Ink click here to save over 50% now.

Note: these toner cartridges are for mono laser printers (black only).

TN780 is only for use with the following printer models HL-6180DW, HL-6180DWT, MFC-8950DW, MFC-8950DWT.
We  recommend Brother compatible TN780 super high yield toner – capacity is 12000 printed pages @ 5% coverage.

The TN 750 and TN 720 are physically identical the only difference is the amount of toner put in each before brother sticks the label on, that’s it really simple it’s just business. The TN 780 is physically differnet and that is why it can only fit four printers currently. Brother has only just started using chips on there inkjet line but as yet there toner cartridges remain chip free which is great for us as some manufacturers use chips to try and stop you using compatible toners (to increase there profits)..

Some people have emailed worrying about the print quality of using compatible tn750 toners but having tested them I have found little if any difference from original brother toners. Especially when you are dealing with mono laser printers it’s pretty hard to go wrong, at worst the black might be a tiny bit lighter or darker than brother originals.

Just to recap the Brother TN 720 standard yield toner capacity is 3000 printed pages and the Brother TN 750 high yield toner capacity is 8000 printed pages no other differences than the amount of toner in each cartridge. The Brother TN 780 however is different so only use if specified in your printer manual.

The following brother laser printers are compatible with TN720 and TN750 toner cartridges.           
DCP-8110DN, DCP-8150DN, DCP-8155DN, HL-5440D, HL-5450DN, HL-5470DW, HL-5470DWT, HL-6180DW, HL-6180DWT, MFC-8510DN, MFC-8710DW, MFC-8810DW, MFC-8910DW, MFC-8950DW, MFC-8950DWT

As always we have listed above a great source for compatible TN750 toner however if you insist on using on brother original toners then head on over to the brother site to get a list of authorised retailers.

The drum unit on these printers offers exceptional lifespan, usually you have to replace the drum anywhere from 12000-18000 printed pages but with the printers listed above you get a massive 30000 pages from each drum unit. The drum code is DR720.
An easy way to find the drum is to do a google search for the code above.