TN360 vs TN330 Brother laser printer toner cartridge differences

Like our other articles this one looks at capacity of the two toner cartridges specifically TN330 vs TN360.

As always both these laser toner cartridges TN360 and TN330 fit the same model printers, however the TN 360 whilst being the same physical dimension as the TN 330 is loaded with more toner so it can print more pages. This in turn means you will need to replace the toner less and create less landfill. Of course the TN-360 costs a bit more but the increase in printed page capacity out weighs the higher purchase price (especially if you choose compatible toner cartridges).

Note: these toner cartridges are for mono laser printers (black only). As always compatible toners offer far better value especially if you buy them online as you usually pay less than half the price of brother original toners.

Brother TN 330 standard yield toner– capacity is 1500 printed pages

Brother TN 360 jumbo high yield toner– capacity is 3000 printed pages

We use and recommend Combo Ink for TN360 toners click here for a great price.

Both the toner cartridges do not have any kind of chip so you can safely use compatible toners whilst still keeping the printers firmware updated. Updating firmware with cartridges that have chips can cause the cartridges to stop working if the firmware detects they are not original cartridges but with the TN360 you will not have a problem.

Especially with mono printers we recommend using compatible toners as 90% of the time the high capacity toner will costs far less than the original standard capacity toner from brother and you will notice little if any difference in print quality. At most the tn-360 may give a slightly different shade of black compared to the original.

The following brother laser printers are compatible with TN330 and TN360 toner cartridges.           
Brother DCP-7030, DCP-7040, HL-2140, HL-2170W, MFC-7340, MFC-7345N, MFC-7440N, MFC-7840W

We have listed above a great source for compatible tn360 toner however if you insist on using on brother original toners then head on over to the brother site to get a list of authorised retailers.

As with all laser printers be aware the printers above use what is called a drum not just a toner cartridges, in this case the drum code is DR360 and it’s listed and lasting for 12000 printed pages before you need to install a new one.