The Epson 212 VS Epson 212XL

Both these ink cartridges are of the same size and shape. The difference between these two models is that the Epson 212 only has enough ink to print 150 pages whilst Epson 212XL black cartridge can print 500 pages color cartridges 350 pages approximately).

The print quality remains the same regardless of cartridge used and this hold true if your smart and use quality compatible 212XL cartridges (see below).

The Epson 212 ink cartridge is cheaper than the Epson 212XL ink cartridge but has a lower page yield.

Get the most printing for your money – read below.

Although the Epson 212XL ink cartridge is more expensive it has a substantially higher page yield.

Basically you can purchase compatible 212 XL cartridges including delivery to your door for less than the original smaller Epson 212 cartridge would cost.

It’s really a no brainer and no it won’t void any manufacturer warranty in regards to your printer, that’s just a scare tactic.

Both Epson original and quality compatible cartridges fit the following models of Epson printers:

XP 4100, XP 3105, XP 3100, XP 2100, WF 2850, WF 2830, WF 2810

Epson make great printers but like all printer manufacturers they make most of the companies profit selling ink at incredible mark up, be smart and use compatible cartridges.