Standard-yield Brother toner TN620 vs TN650 Brother High-yield

TN650 page yield is over twice that of the TN620.

Printers have revolutionized the modern world in a diverse and variety of ways. The combination of being able to print your own work in a neat and organized fashion from a word processing system or information made available by the Internet in the comfort of your own home has ultimately improved convenience significantly. Plus, the availability of printers has grown tremendously. However, every printer owner faces the hassle of going through a list of compatible toners for their printer with slightly different numbers and letters next to them without the ability to tell the difference. Say you know you need TN 620 or TN 650, but you don’t know the difference?

Standard-yield Brother toner TN620 vs TN650 Brother High-yield toner

A major differentiating factor between the two toners are the number of pages it can yield. Based upon the International Standards Organization’s (ISO) standards, TN-650 is a high yielding toner since it produces up to 8,000 pages while its counterpart, TN-620, only produces 3,000 pages as a standard-yield toner.

While you may find comfort in just ordering the Brother TN650 or Brother TN620 toners, if you would like to save a pretty penny on your toner, it is possible to invest in compatible toners rather than just purchasing the TN650 or TN620. Often times compatible toners will be sold at a much lower rate and works exactly the same in the printer. For example, there is a compatible high yield black laser toner for the Brother TN650 that can be found for less then US$40. That is one third of the price!    

Otherwise, the two toners remain largely same for a variety of reasons. They even are compatible with the same models of printers, as listed following: DCP-8080DN, DCP-8085DN, HL-5340D, HL-5350DN, HL-5370DW, HL-5370DWT, MFC-8480DN, MFC-8680DN, MFC-8690DW, and MFC-8890DW.

When choosing between TN 620 and TN 650, consider price and personal preference. In most cases, choosing a high-yield toner is more cost efficient. The Brother TN650 costs around $120 from the manufacturer, while its standard yield counterpart TN620 costs $75. At these prices, the TN650 costs around two cents per page to print, while the other costs three cents. It may seem minimal but those savings add up quickly especially if you print many pages. However, if you don’t use your printer very often, it may be more beneficial for you to just stick to the standard and replace it whenever need be. In the end, it comes down to personal preference based on print quantity.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference whether it be deciding between TN620 vs TN650 or between a compatible toner. Either way, you are now equipped to make an informed decision as a consumer.