Only buy Brother Printers – models with no ink cartridge chips.

THE MAIN THING YOU need to think about (most people do not) is how much are the replacement ink cartridges going to cost?

Only buy BROTHER printers, other brands use computer chips (micro chips) in the ink cartridges which forces you to buy expensive inks from the manufacturer rather than quality compatible ink cartridges!

Cartridges with chips installed are in the industry are generally called chipped cartridges. Brother also does not have print heads on the cartridges which means the cartridges are just a tank of ink, this gives you the option to use quality compatible cartridges.

We do not sell printers but we take care of our customers so here are our current recommended printers you should consider purchasing if you need a new printer. Some new Brother printers also are starting to use computer (micro) chips in the ink cartridges, the printers we recommend DO NOT use any chips so you can easily use compatible cartridges.

We link to Office works as they have very reasonable prices on brother printers, you could also check dick smiths etc...

InkJet Printers Recommendation.

1) A3 printer - Brother J6710DW A3 Wireless Multifunction (wifi) expect to pay around $299
This printer works great with LC40 / LC73 / LC77XL compatible cartridges.

2) Low cost printer - Brother MFC-J220 Inkjet Multifunction expect to pay $80-$90.
This printer works great with LC39 compatible cartridges.

Most brother printers are really good so you are not limited to these recommendations

If you are looking for a laser printer again please consider. Brother as it is the best choice for laser printers as well! Main reason again is Brother not using chipped toner cartridges in most printer models

We update this page as required for the benefit of our customers.