HP88 vs 88XL

We all want value for the products that we use, and the more use we get out of these items, the more value and savings we get. This applies to the ink cartridges we use. If you are using HP 88 cartridges, each one yields up to a maximum of 860 pages. Although this is not a bad yield for a regular size cartridge, there’s another cartridge that can yield more and save you more money. The HP 88XL gives you more savings by printing two to three times more than the regular 88 cartridge.

HP88 VS 88XL Page Yields (printed page capacity)

HP 88XL black ink prints 3 times more pages than the HP 88. It can yield up to 2,450 pages. The color cartridges yield a little less. The regular HP 88 can only print 860 maximum. The HP88 XL brings more value for your money and give you more savings. HP 88 vs. HP 88XL, 88XL wins over the number of pages it can print. The price of 88XL may be relatively higher but because of the number pages yielded, it still cost less than the HP 88 in the long run. You get to print more and save more with XL cartridges in any color depending on the pages you print. For black and white printing, XL black ink triples the yield compared to the regular size.

Compatible Printers

Both the HP 88 and HP88XL ink cartridges can be used in HP All in One printers as well as HP Ink Jet printers. These are fade resistant, and deliver same quality over time. The cartridges’ consistency in delivering quality pages ensures your images and texts are high quality and professional grade pages that leave a good impression on your clients. Office materials do not come cheap (unless your smart and buy compatible ink cartridges), but delivering quality prints that do not fade and ensure sharp images and texts are more important. Getting more value through more prints means savings for your company. Choose the best cartridges that provide quality and a higher page yield as well as save you money in the long run.

Here are the lists of compatible printers:

  • OfficeJet L7480
  • OfficeJet Pro L7400
  • OfficeJet Pro L7500 Series
  • OfficeJet Pro L7550
  • OfficeJet Pro L7555
  • OfficeJet Pro L7580
  • OfficeJet Pro L7590
  • OfficeJet Pro L7650

Remanufactured and Compatible ink cartridges

Remanufactured and compatible ink cartridges have the same quality as HP ink products but with lower prices. Lower price and the same quality prints drive the bargain. Compatible and remanufactured inks provide more value than original HP cartridges. These are cheaper and will not invalidate your warranty. Be smart and choose more value in terms of higher print yield as well as the cost by choosing HP 88XL vs HP 88.