HP 74 vs HP 74XL and HP 75 vs HP 75XL Differences

Page yield is one of the most important factors that printer users must take into consideration when buying printer cartridges. Namely, page yield provides an estimate of the number of pages that can be printed from a cartridge. According to many experts, HP cartridges are the best option on the market. Now let’s compare the page yield of some of the most popular HP cartridges.

But first…. Why compatible toner cartridges offer better value?

The ink cartridges we have mentioned below come in two basic forms – compatible and original cartridges. Many people believe that original HP inks are better, but that’s not the case.

The compatible HP 74, HP 74XL, HP 75 and HP 75XL cartridges that we have analyzed in this article are brand new cartridges that are following the same specs and standards used in the production of their original counterparts. The design can be slightly different, but the page yield and the final results are the same. What makes these cartridges better is the fact that they are much more affordable.

Instead of spending hours looking for the best deal on original HP inks, you can get cheap compatible HP inks that promise high-quality work. Thousands of users are already using these cartridges so there is no reason why you should not give them a try. You can expect the same great printed color at a low price!

HP 74 vs HP 74XL (BLACK)

These black ink cartridges are quite popular because of the high-quality print they provide. They will both provide dark black, clear and precise graphics and texts and the final results will last for many years. However, the main difference that you will notice when comparing HP 74 vs HP 74XL is the page yield. HP 74 provides 200 printed pages whilst  the HP 74XL provides 750 pages which is almost 4 times more!

The good news is that they are both made to be compatible with a wide range of printers starting with HP Officejet JP788 and HP Deskjet D4260 to HP Officejet J6480, HP Photosmart C43444, C43242, C4384, C4382, C4440, C4435, C4550, C4540, C5550, and C5540.

HP 75 vs HP 75XL (COLOR)

Those looking for premium-quality color cartridges will definitely find HP 75 and HP 75XL cartridges useful. The HP 75 vs HP 75XL and the differences in page yields is the only significant difference between these two models of cartridges. HP 75 provides a solid page yield of around 170 pages while the HP 75XL model promises around 520 pages. So, we are talking about a cartridge that has three times more ink than the first model.

Both models are providing clear, precise and long-lasting prints of graphics and texts. In addition, they are compatible with many HP Printers. In fact, they are compatible with all the printers we have mentioned before when we were comparing HP 74 and HP 74XL.