HP63 VS 63XL Ink Cartridge Page Yield Differences

As we’re always looking at the value for our money, this time we will look at HP63 vs 63XL page yield differences and you will see why HP63 XL is much better value.

HP63 vs 63 XL Differences
While these two ink cartridges are popularly known for making defined and quality image prints at low cost, there are differences in the page yield between the two that needs to be looked at in order to get the real value for money. Remember you will save much more if you use compatible ink cartridges especially if you buy online compared to a shopping mall.

HP 63 provides you a yield of 190 pages of black before it needs to be refilled or replaced and 165 pages of tri-color before it needs to be replaced.

HP 63 XL are high yield ink cartridges, HP 63XL black provide with a yield of 480 pages before it needs to be replaced and 330 pages of tri-color before the cartridge needs to be replaced.

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With HP 63 XL ink cartridges (black and tri-color), you will be able to create lab-quality color photo prints and support your daily document printing at very low cost if you use compatible ink cartridges.

As you can see there are not a lot of differences between these 2 ink cartridges and knowing what will best work for you will surely help you in finding the perfect solution for your next printing project.

HP 63 vs HP 63 XL Printer Compatibility
Both HP63 and 63XL ink cartridges are compatible with all similar printers. Both of ink cartridges will be able to provide similar compatibility with the models mentioned below, allowing you to swap the cartridges with different printers in order for you to greatly save in price while acquiring similar results.
HP Deskjet models 3632, 3630, 2132, 2130, 1112
HP Envy models 4520, 4512
Officejet models 4650, 3830

Obviously after reviewing the page yields listed above we as always recommend the XL cartridges as the always provide the best $ to printed page cost (they work out much cheaper). Our other constant recommendation is not to buy OEM cartridges (HP) but use compatible ones instead as they are usually less than half the cost.

Looking what will work best for you and your next printing project will be able to help you to print what’s necessary for any occasion or event while saving through the use of the compatible printers. If you are in need of more information about HP ink cartridges, you can visit hp.com