HP 61 vs 61XL Ink Cartridge Differences

 HP61 vs HP 61XL Differences

While the two ink cartridges are known for creating defined images at a low cost, there are the page yield differences between the two which must be looked at to get value for money

HP61 black provides you with a yield of 190 pages while printing with black before it needs to be replaced,  whilst the HP 61 tricolor cartridges provide a 165 page yield.

HP 61XL changes this with a 480 page yield with black and a 330 page yield with the HP 61XL tri color cartridges, offering more bulk for the jobs that you need. We recommend and use Combo Inks compatible cartridges as they offer the same quality but are much cheaper than original cartridges,  to buy HP 61 XL Black & COLOR cartridges click here.

If you know that you will need to print a large number of materials, then using the HP61XL will be better value.  We would suggest even if you don’t print that often you are going to save plenty of money purchasing the HP 61XL cartridges especially if you buy compatible ones which offer the same great quality for less than half the price.

Compatible Printers

Both HP 61 and 61XL ink cartridges are able to work with all the same printers.  Both of the ink cartridges provide the same compatibility with models, allowing you to interchange with different printers so you can save in price while getting the same results.

Compatible printers: Deskjet: 1000, 1010, 1050, 1050A – J410g, 1055, 1510, 1512, 2000, 2050, 2050A, 2050 J510a, 2050 J510e, 2510, 2512, 2514, 2540, 2542, 2544, 3000, 3050, 3050A, 3050A – J611a, 3051A, 3052A, 3052A – J611g, 3054A, 3054A – J611j, 3054 – J610a, 3055, 3510, 3511, 3512, 3515, 3516. Envy: 4500, 4501, 4502, 4503, 4504, 4505, 4506, 4507, 4508, 4509, 5530, 5535. Officejet: 2620, 2622, 4630, 4632. Compatible Toshiba models: e-Studio: 355, 451C, 453, 3540c

Find the printing cartridge that offers convenience, low price, and brighter results.  The HP61 vs HP61XL different page yields allow you to find the perfect fit for almost any printer.  While both maintain quality and environmentally friendly approaches, you will find differences with the amount you can print and the total price.  Finding what works best for your next project can help you to print what is needed for any occasion while saving by using compatible printers.  If you need any more information you can visit HP. Interestingly both these cartridges are made from up to 65% recycled materials.