HP60 VS 60xl Ink Cartridges – Things to Consider

You should be aware of the fact that there are not a lot differences between the ink cartridges except the HP60XL has a much greater page yield (meaning you can print more pages). Generally we would always recommend the cartridge that prints the most as they are always cheaper in the long run especially if you use compatible cartridges!

Let’s take a look at the HP60 VS 60XL differences.

The HP60 standard yield black cartridge is going to yield as much as 200 pages while the tricolor one is going to provide you with a yield of as many as 165 pages. It’s compatible with a range of different printers.

The HP60 XL is going to provide you with a larger yield. The duty cycle includes a total of 600 pages yield for black as well as 440 pages yield for tricolor usage. The cartridge is also compatible with quite a lot of printers.

The page yield differences definitely need to be taken into proper consideration when it comes to picking the one that suits you the best. While both cartridges are known for creating a properly defined image at a rather low cost in comparison, those differences need to be considered.

The Things to Consider

As you can see, from stacking up HP60 VS HP60XL, you can see that the main difference hides behind the fact that one of them uses a much larger ink reserve, hence ensuring a larger page yield.  Apart from that, the quality of the print itself is more or less the same with no significant visible differences.  Some people worry about changing from the manufacturers own brand of ink to using compatible inks, in our experience this worry is unfounded.

Save yourself a lot of money and use HP 60 XL compatible cartridges.

The printer capability is also fairly similar, so there’s nothing to be noted in this particular regard. In any case, the amount of work that you have to handle should be the decisive factor when it comes to it e.g occasional home printing vs office/photo printing.

Keep in mind that being aware of what’s going to work best for you are going to provide you with a chance to find the perfect solution in relation to your upcoming or pending printing undertakings. We hope our attempt to objectively compare the HP 60 VS HP 60 xl and provide you with a final thought on the best option so that you can get the best value for your money has helped.