Epson 252 vs 252XL Which one is better value?

Depending on what printer you own you will be able to get a only few hundred pages from each ink cartridge or another model cartridge that fits can double that figure.

Keep in mind that the compatible cartridges will give you greater value for your money, since they allow you to gain the same benefits like the original models, yet at a much lower price!

Differences between Epson 252 vs 252XL

The Epson 252 cartridges work great for these printers and come preinstalled,  you can usually get around 300-400 pages out of them. It depends on much ink you use each page you print, but most of the time this should be the page yield that you need to expect from the Epson 252.

The Epson 252 XL  has a page yield of around 1100 pages, more than ok for your day to day printing at home or in the office. We use Combo Ink to buy our 252 XL compatible inks – Save $ click here.

The Epson 252 XL does a very good job at providing you with great value for your money and it’s one of the best cartridges for your money. A good idea when you use it is to opt for the compatible multi-packs, as this way you can get fantastic value for your money.

Both Epson 252 and 252xl cartridges are available in black, cyan, magenta and yellow individual cartridges this is good as you only need to replace each cartridge as it runs out.

At the end of the day, you will see that opting for the Epson 252 XL will offer you a much better deal. You should consider giving the Epson 252 XL a shot if you want a good quality at a low price.

Epson is one of the best and most reputable printer manufacturers on the market. You will be highly impressed with the quality they can deliver with their printers.

What you have to note about the Epson 252 XL is that this is a very durable, robust set of cartridges that will impress you with their reliability and ease of use. These cartridges are designed to give you a very good value for your money.

The compatible printers include:

  • WF-7610
  • WF-3640
  • WF-3620
  • WF-7110
  • WF-7620

Please visit Epson for further information or do a google search.