Epson 200 vs Epson 200xl Ink Cartridges.

Epson 200 vs 200xl Ink Cartridges: Which is the Better Deal?

These two packages use the same ink. So which one is the better buy out of Epson 200xl/200?

Epson 200 vs Epson 200 XL page yields:

Epson 200 black and color yield 165-175 printed pages

Epson 200XL black and color yield 450-500 printed pages

Always remember you can save over 50% by using compatible cartridges that do the exact same job compared to original Epson 200XL ink cartridges. We use and recommend Combo Ink, click here to buy Epson 200 XL cartridges and save over 50%.

Epson 200i vs 200
This is a common question we get all the “i” means after the 200 is that these are the “initial” cartridges that came with the printer, they contain the same amount of ink as replacement 200 cartridges. But as you can see above 200XL are much better value cartridges. We hope that clears up Epson 200-i vs 200. The same is true for Epson 220-i vs 220.

Modern day printer companies make a good deal of money not just from their printers but also through the repeat business of customers buying their ink. Whether it’s intentional or not, most cartridges do not last a very long time. Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid the hassle of making more trips to the store and just get the Epson 200xl. Sure it costs more but you’ll save both time and money in the long run by investing just that little bit more. Other than page yields the differences between Epson 200 vs Epson 200xl are nil, just the amount of ink contained.

Both 200 & 200xl contain the following inks: Black, Cyan, Yellow & Magenta as per standard with the following manufacturer codes T200XL120, T200XL220, T200XL320 & T200XL420.

The Epson 200xl ink contains about 2.5 times the volume of just the standard 200. At an average price of just under $40 as of this writing for the Epson 200 full  4 pack of inks and coming in at $80 for the 200xl, you pay more but save by buying in bulk for original cartridges but you can save even more if you use compatible Epson cartridges. The Epson 200xl would be over double the cost  if the price was kept consistent regardless of quantity. So if you’re going to be doing a lot of printing and putting your Epson printer through its paces it would be wise to get the larger cartridges. If, on the other hand, you’re on a tight budget and won’t be printing on a large scale the standard Epson 200 will do just fine.

The choice between these two options comes down to budget and what colors fit one’s specific situation. But the more economically smart choice is clear – the Epson 200xl is the better deal.

The Epson 200 and 200 XL ink cartridge line allow you to save both ink and money by being able to replace only the colors you need. They are compatible with either plain or glossy photo paper. Thanks to Epson’s DURABrite® Ultra Ink technology, this ink is resistant to smudges and fading. It dries fast, lasts long and gives you accurate colors. There’s not much more you could ask for from an ink. It does what it’s made for and it does it well.

Features of this ink include:

·         Contains entire set of cartridge colors that you need to start printing now

·         Higher quality than lab prints

·         Smudge-free, fade-resistant and water-resistant

·         Can be bought in individual cartridges, saving you money

Compatible with these Epson printers:

·         Expression Home: XP-200, XP-300, XP-310, XP-400, XP-410

·         WorkForce: WF-2010F, WF-2010W, WF-2510WF, WF-2520, WF-2520NF, WF-2530, WF-2530WF, WF-2540, WF-2540WF

·         You can reference the Epson site for any further information.