Brother Toner Tn310 vs Tn315: a Comparison

The TN315 can print over twice as many pages as the TN310!

Brother color laser printers are very popular and among one of the most used printers. They are used by professionals and in offices where high volume printing is required. Brother’s two new toner cartridges TN310 and TN315 can both print high quality documents and graphics with good speed. If you compare TN310 vs TN315 you will see that both the toner cartridges are high performing. Neither of them leaves any smears, marks or speckles on the pages.

Most home users select the TN-310 over the TN-315 as they do not have high printing needs and the price is also lower (but it yields less pages). The TN315 toner cartridge is more suitable for use in offices as they are high yielding cartridges used frequently. The TN315 toner cartridges will provide lower costs per page and are especially reliable and under heavy usage.

It is important to remember you always have the option of buying compatible toners which would save you even more money. In our experience they provide the same quality prints though tones may be slightly different than the original brother toners.

The only difference between TN310 vs. TN315 is that they have different page yields. The number of pages that the TN 310 prints is less than the number of pages that the TN 315 can print.

TN310BK is a black toner cartridge and it yields approx 2500 pages A4 size or letter length pages, on the other hand the TN315BK  is a high yield toner cartridge that approximates 6000 pages of A4 or letter size paper.

TN310C- Cyan Toner Cartridge, TN310M – Magenta Toner Cartridge and the TN310Y – Yellow Toner Cartridge all yield approximately 1500 A4 size page prints.

TN315C – High Yield Cyan Toner Cartridge, TN315M – High Yield Magenta Toner Cartridge TN315Y – High Yield Yellow Toner Cartridge, can yield approximately 3500 pages in A4 size paper.

All these toner cartridges yield printed pages in compliance with ISO/IEC 19798 and the number of printed pages yielded may vary according to use, like using the options for lighter printing and darker printing.

Both TN310 and TN315 match all the Brother laser printers like HL-4150cdn, HL-4570cdw, HL-4570cdwt, MFC-9460cdn, MFC-9560cdw and MFC-9970cdw. However, sometimes there is confusion whether to use TN310 or TN315 as a replacement cartridge as they seem to be two different types of toner cartridges. The fact is that you can use either of them as both of them are compatible for use in all these named Brother laser printers.

Toner cartridges used in laser printers don’t contain ink but are filled with fine powder. In most toner cartridges the drum is part of the cartridge and is sold together including the TN 310 and TN3 15. The drum is electrically charged and so picks up the tiny particles and rolls them on the paper to print. The particles are fused on the page by the laser. The printers print out so fast that the process is hardly noticeable. Once the cartridge has been used then the entire unit needs to be replaced.