Brother LC71 vs LC75 (xl) vs LC79 (xxl) printer ink cartridges

Why three different ink cartridges LC71, LC75 (xl) and LC79 (xxl) for the same brother inkjet printers?

As usual brother in America sells three separate types of ink cartridges for the same inkjet printer and the only difference is they contain more or less ink in them when comparing LC 71 vs LC75 (better value). However LC79 is a larger cartridge that only fits some printer models.

Brother LC 71 – capacity is 300 printed pages (not worth purchasing in regards to value),

Brothers LC 75 high capacity (XL series) – capacity is 600 printed pages for black (LC75BK), cyan (LC75C), magenta (LC75M) and yellow (LC75Y).

Brother LC75 Combo 4-Pack (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)
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As far as value for money goes the larger the amount of printed pages that you can print from a cartridge almost always gives you the best deal. So in this case lc75 xl would prove to be the best value for money (unless your printer supports lc79),  I recommend Combo Ink if you live in the USA as they offer free shipping on orders over $35. Click here to buy LC75 XL Combo.

Remember compatible cartridges always give the best value. Many of our other articles on brother ink explain the same situation however we make a page for each type of cartridge so you can understand what is happening if you type your ink cartridge code (eg LC75 XL) into google and do a search.

Both the cartridges are compatible with the following printers: MFC-J280W, MFC-J425W, MFC-J430w, MFC-J435W, MFC-J5910DW, MFC-J625DW, MFC-J6510DW, MFC-J6710DW, MFC-J6910dw, MFC-J825DW, MFC-J835DW

Brother LC 79 super high capacity (XXL series) – capacity is 2400 printed pages for black (LC79BK) and 1200 printed pages for cyan (LC79C), magenta (LC79M)  and yellow (LC79Y)

MFC-J5910DW, MFC-J6510DW, MFC-J6710DW, MFC-J6910dw state support for lc 79 and  should also work with lc 75. We have not listed lc 71 as they are not good value in our opinion however if your printer uses these you will be just fine using lc75 as a replacement ink cartridge.

Brother LC79 Combo 4-Pack (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)

If you printer supports lc79 xxl then this would prove to be the best value for money though if you don’t print a huge amount then you could settle for lc 75xl.

Non chipped compatible ink cartridges?

If you use any of the cartridges listed above then congratulations as they do not have micro chips so you can freely use compatible ink which will save you a lot of money.

A simple google search with the cartridge code will give you many stores to purchase from and you will usually save at least 50% compared to genuine innobella brother ink.

Brothers USA web site lists retailers of genuine inks but we recommend you try compatible cartridges as your cartridges are a no chip design.