Brother LC40 vs LC73 vs LC77xl ink cartridges

Many people ask us what is the difference between LC40 vs LC73 vs LC77xl brother ink cartridges.

The only difference is the amount of ink in each brother printer cartridge! The physical cartridge is basically the same though they may differ slighly in dimensions they all fit the same printers.

Why do they have 3 different names?

Simply put to suit the market(ing) and charge much more for higher capacity ink cartridges (were changing that! the price that is).

LC 40 capacity is 300 printed pages,

LC 73 600 printed pages and

LC 77(XL) 1200 printed pages…

Quality compatible cartridges are LC77XL size, much better value for you! If you use any of these brother ink cartridges above these will fit your printer.

Why choose compatible ink cartridges?

UPDATE: We no longer sell ink cartridges…. sorry but a quick google search will offer many sellers.

Check the link below for 1 yes 1 LC77XL yellow ink at office works it will cost you over $30 (the black is over $50!).

So that’s it really simple really but it’s confusing until it’s explained, so do yourself a favour and use our LC77XL compatible ink cartridges  (our old shop – no longer selling) instead of wasting your money on genuine LC40 and LC73 cartridges.

Brother ink cartridges in these models do not have micro chips so you are free to use compatible LC77XL cartridges without having to worry about firmware updates that can stop compatible cartridges with micro chips working.

We only supply quality all our inks are manufactured by certified plant with facilities under strict quality control.